Back to the basics

Alex and Ani have redesigned the basic core bangles that we all love. The new charm designs are fresh and bold.The bangles are still the same great price but with a new look. Now not only do you get a card with the meaning of your beloved bracelets, it is also on the backside so you can always remeber.My faviorite bangle is the Claddagh. The Claddagh stands for Love, Loyalty, and Friendship. I love to mix and match the gold and silver metals. What I love most about Alex and Ani is the meanings behind each bracelet and what they mean to each individual. 

Shop in store for Alex and Ani Bangles ans so much more.

Featured this month bangle of the month is the Key to Life. The Key to Life is a new bangle and is $5.00 off the original price. 


  • Linda

    Do you have any friends or friendship charm bracelets?
    Thank you

  • Lynda Cords

    I would like to order the following Alex and Ani bangles;

    Key to life silver
    Claddagh gold
    Anchor silver
    Pineapple gold

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