Seasons Changing

The seasons are changing, so that means our wardrobe does too. By request I'm doing a blog about when to stop wearing boots. During march it is a weird weather time here in Michigan, it still could snow but we are seeing warmer spring days as well. So my rule of thumb is by March 20th ( the official day of spring) we should put away our winter boots. This is also time to put away your winter coats and start wearing lighter jacksts, like denim or cargo and blazers. There is always exeptions to every boot rule. During March and early spring I think an ankle boot or mid-calve boot can be worn, as long as it isn't to winter looking. You can always pair a mid-calve boot or cowboy boot with a spring dress. Switch your winter boot to a ballet flat. Add in pops of color to your transitioning wardrobe from winter to spring. 


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