New Deep sea collection from Alex and Ani

The New summer 2016 Deep Sea collection has arrived and is in stores today! We love the colors and fun sea animals used to represent such strong messages. Below is what the designer had to say about the new collection. Carolyn the Designer has a great way of bring the sea to life through the choice of colors used in the bangles. It's great to hear what the designer has to say about the bangles we love so much. 


"Our summer collections call forth tales of the deep, the darker parts of unexplored oceans. We are introducing symbols that honor the sea dwellers — holding energies of regeneration, thrill, fearlessness, and grace. Our palette is as rich as the deep sea: rippling shades of navy, calming tones of green — even the gentle creams found on washed-up shells. Think self-discovery… recognizing your true self for the first time. When we venture out, we don’t always know what we will find. It’s the journey that counts — the voyage reveals its own riches. Everything becomes clear under the sea."

- Carolyn (Alex and Ani Designer) 

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