Let's talk about DADs

With father's day coming up on sunday I wanted to hear a lil about your dads and why you love them so much or how great of a father your husband is to your kids. I will tell you a lil about my dad and why he is so special to me. My dad is the strongest man I know. He is my best friend. When I have a problem who do I call.... My dad! He is the best at giving advice. I think its beacuse he has do so much in his life and knows what the right thing is to do. My dad was a fun outdoors kinda dad. We would take long trips camping. We stayed in a tent, which my dad calls real camping. My favorite memories with my dad would be fishing or hunting. My siblings and I would all get together and spend quality time together. Even if we didn't get anything it was the time we spent together that was the best. Thats a little bit of why I love my dad and want to show him a great fathers day. 

So what are you guys gettting your dad? 

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