90s Trends Continue to Rock

Lace and pearls with ripped jeans. Flip flops with satin slip dresses. Denim on top and bottom! Daisy chain chokers. Joggers with heels. All today's trends -- but are they really? 

Some say they don't follow trends. That all this new-fangled fashion is just not for them. But if they look back into their own time capsules, they'll find they not only wore trends in some way then, but they're still doing it now!

The 1990s is not known for being the most fashionable decade, with its baggy shapes and grungy attitude. Neon colors, rainbows on t-shirts, denim everything and (ongoing) shoulder pads were all the rage. But look! Some of these trends are back in a big way.

Most women sporting the throwback trends that originated in the 1990s are not old enough to remember them their first time around! When Madonna first wore lace and pearls with combat boots and jeans in 1991, today's teens were not even born. And when Courtney Love wore a satin slip dress while hubby Kurt Cobain rocked ripped jeans, it raised quite a few eyebrows. Today, it's fashion-as-usual.

I'm partial to the athleisure trends so popular today, for their comfortable and casual vibe. But if you think back, wasn't Sporty Spice the first woman to wear brightly-colored joggers for everything except working out?






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