Color Me Confused: Who Makes this List?

Why are certain colors “In” and other colors “Out”? And seriously, don't most of us just wear black 90% of the time? Yet it's never on the list? Hmmmm.

Every year, around the first of January, the Pantone Color Institute publishes a Fashion Color Report based on the spring collections of top fashion designers. In conjunction with New York Fashion Week, the report provides a comprehensive overview of fashion designers’ use of specific colors in their upcoming collections.

Last year, as some of you know, was an unusual year for the Pantone Fashion Color world. It was the year when not one but two colors (whaaat?) shared the top shade spot for 2016. Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue were all over the runway last year. Did you pick up anything in either ethereal shade? Angelic and wispy, these colors were like cotton candy, or a gender-neutral baby blanket. Calming and cosmic. But kind of best for toddlers going to an Easter Egg hunt.   

This year, the Pantone color gurus have given us one splendid shade that is sure to change our lives. A color so fantastic that we’ll be transformed by its magnificence. A color like no one has ever seen before…wait, huh? Blue? That’s the magnificent, earth shaking discovery sure to cure what ails us? Medium-wash denim, Niagara Blue. Didn’t see that one coming.

Do you pay attention to what the Fashion Gods tell you? Who are these people anyway? Do Isaac Mizrahi and Ralph Lauren sit down with Dolce and Gabana over cocktails and come up with the new “rules” of the season? I’d like to be at that get-together…
“Ok, Ralph. Your turn to throw the dart at the color wheel. Blue! HaHaHa! It’s gonna be blue! Oh, and let’s bring culottes back too!”….
Finding your own sense of style can be difficult, especially when you’re bombarded with rules and judgments from people “in the know.” Trends are fun, but classics are just that. Don’t worry about following quirky trends, worry about feeling good in classic pieces that are punched up with your favorite colors (whatever they are).
One good thing about 2017’s Pantone must-have color – you’re probably already wearing it. Here’s the rundown of the other nine shades that will be showing up in fashion and home décor: Primrose Yellow (more like sunflower), Lapis Blue (Niagara’s brighter brother), Flame (a red-orange), Island Paradise (aqua), Pale Dogwood (leftover Rose Quartz?), Greenery (apple martini anyone?), Pink Yarrow (hot pink), Kale (yuck) and Hazelnut (yum).
Stop in to Eclections to find Niagara Blue in jeans, tops, jackets and jewelry. All kidding aside, it’s a great shade that flatters most and is supremely easy to wear. Now about those culottes…


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