Each time YOU come to Eclections

I have spent the past few days camping with my family. It was some much needed relax and recharge time, not to mention invaluable time spent watching the sun set, going for bike rides and eating ice cream with my family. Getting a few days away always gives me a chance to ponder and it gives me a greater sense of appreciation and value for what I have.

We opened the doors to Eclections 9 years ago when I was 31. In a few days I will be 41, where does the time go? Operating a small business has been one of the hardest things, and at the same time, one of the biggest blessings in my life. It’s challenges me emotionally, physically and even personally. Each time YOU come to Eclections, you support a small, local owned business that in turn does it’s best to give back. Eclections has been blessed tremendously because of you. It means so much to have my friends, both old and new, support. Truly!

From the bottom of my heart and each person here… Thank You for your support! - - Love, Nicole

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