Go Ahead, Indulge. You're Wearing Stretch Pants.

So hopefully you're indulging a bit this season, enjoying the eggnog and a cookie or three. I have been and I don't feel bad about it. Well, I feel kind of bad about it because I'm already seeing the "Get Thin Quick" schemes yelling at me on TV and social media. Time to do those crunches, make those resolutions and lose that weight!. Or.... how about simply getting back on track with your normal, sensible lifestyle and, in the meantime while your waistline recovers, rely on some stretchy pull-on pants that make your over-indulgences disappear?

Today's stretch fabrics are either a godsend or a curse! I remember the high-waisted torture chamber dress pants of the last century. Couldn't wait to get out of those things, marvel at the deep creases they left on my middle, and slide into some sweats. But at least that painful squeeze on my midsection gave me pause. Now, my nicest, dressiest pants are also some of the most comfortable things I own, thanks to the holy trinity -- Rayon, Nylon and Lycra! Can I get an amen for stretch? 

Don't know about you, but the trend of long fluid tops over slim or straight-legged pants also works for me to hide an abundance of sins. Leggings? Yes, as long as my top covers my tush. Skinny jeans? Yes! As long as there's a long cardigan involved. Volume over slim, chunky over skinny, however you want to describe it. Be thankful for it!

And instead of focusing on the things you don't like about yourself if you've gained a few silly pounds, highlight the things you do like when you get dressed. Cold-shoulder tops, strategic cut-outs on sleeves, intricate lace-up necklines or just a daring deep v-neck to bring all the attention where you want it. To your face, of course. What else?

Once everything settles down, take time to have fun with friends, celebrate with family and give yourself a much deserved break this holiday season and beyond. And then donate all your uncomfortable pants!


P.S. This gal below can't even believe how comfortable her stretchy pants are. 

She can't believe how comfortable her stretchy pants are!



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