Mais, oui! The French Really Are That Stylish!

Unlike the myths that French people are rude and don't like Americans (both false statements based on my extensive research conducted over five days in Paris recently), it is completely true what you've heard about Parisians being extremely well dressed. Crisp white shirts with lace embellishments over pencil skirts and colorful heels, lots of chic black ensembles punched up with floral scarves (even on the men!) and slim dress trousers with cognac shoes everywhere! The cafes are filled with well appointed fashionistas -- young and old -- enjoying rose' and camembert. Good thing I was prepared to hold my own!

I didn't pull out the sweats and Nikes to walk the streets of Paris on my recent trip with the hubby. I took the advice of a well-traveled friend and brought simple dresses, slim pants and lots of scarves. My shoes (Vionics really came in handy!) were cute enough to get by without severe blisters happening, and my trusty leather crossbody was totes appropo.

There are jeans, here and there, but they, too, are styled to the nines. Lots of rips, frays and uneven hems, and even a few ultra-wide legged versions. Platform tennis are big, as well. Love Love Love!!

Some of the style standouts from the vacay included: Red chinos on men everywhere, worn with white linen shirts and dark cotton scarves wrapped tightly at the neck. Did I mention linen? It was everywhere. Short-sleeved blouses over billowy pants in shades of oatmeal and cream...the wrinklier the better! Espadrilles are like the athleisure shoes of Europe. They seem to go so well with linen and add just a touch of sophistication.

My favorite fashion sighting was a when a lovely Marlo Thomas look-alike zipped past me on her Vespa wearing a black skirt, nude pumps, a raspberry Chanel jacket with a white scarf trailing behind her. Oh, her shiny black helmet was even kind of chic!! Ooh La La!!



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