Pick a Sweater, Any Sweater...

So you know how some years, only certain specific styles are "in" and others are pushed to the back of your closet? Such as, when skinny jeans were the only thing you'd put on, and bootcuts or flares were soooo five years ago? Well, that's not going to be the case with sweaters this year. You literally can't find a sweater style that's "out" -- if you even care about the ins-and-outs of fashion.

Take a look at the thick fashion mags. They love to list the Top 25 Whatevers... and their lists of sweaters that are hot this season (again, my puns are always intended) are long and all-inclusive. Turtlenecks? Check. Cut-outs and cold-shoulders? Check. Oversized and embellished? Check. And so on.

I think that should make gift giving really easy this year. Sweaters are cozy, warm must-haves in Michigan. And you really can't miss the mark with the wide variety of styles that are currently in vogue. So, it comes down to color, fabrication and preference. Chances are your BFFS and family members will love the sweaters you choose for them. You have great taste, right? 

Eclections and Nick+Crew are filled to the brim with sweater styles that reflect the eclectic tastes of 2017-18 so we can help. I'm partial to styles that are casual and cozy, with a hint of sophistication. A bit of fringe. An asymmetrical hem. Long enough if I'm wearing a legging or skinny jean, but not too overpowering. Still, I'm liking the new shorter (not cropped, but shorter) styles I'm seeing -- if worn with the right pant. Looks fresh to me.

Guys will find many choices too. The classic quarter-zip pull overs. Fine-gauge dressier designs. Beefier crewnecks. We've got lots for them to try on. The Kuhl sweaters and full-zips are super, well, cool.




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