Shopping Ninjas: Here's Your Black Friday Survival Kit

You're that girl. The one who knows where every Ladies Night shopping event is, exactly when the good stuff goes on sale and how to Ninja-nab a great deal. You are a Shopping Warrior, and the biggest day of your year is fast approaching. Here's a few tips to keep even you, She Who Shops Til Everyone Else Drops, in tip-top shop shape on Black Friday.

1. Get your rest, even if that means leaving the Thanksgiving dishes in the sink. Let someone else handle those.

2. Load up a (cute) backpack with not just door-buster coupons and flyers but water bottles, protein bars and a piece of fruit. Gotta stay hydrated and nourished -- no time for leisurely lunches.

3. Dress in layers, probably leave your heavy coat home, and of course wear your most comfortable shoes. And put your second-most comfortable pair in the backpack for later!

4. Bring one carefully chosen shopping buddy -- someone compatible with your shopping style. More is not merrier. Gotta stay nimble. 

5. Check your lists, but be flexible. You might find something unexpected but perfect for someone special. Still, avoid going overboard on the impulse buying. 

6. Know when the "door buster" or "special event" markdowns are taking place. Use your phone to set reminders so you'll get there in time. Oh, and bring your phone charger. 

7. Bring an extra bag to tote all that loot you're going to find! 

8. The most important tip for Black Friday in my opinion, is.... be kind to each other.





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