Tie One On! Lace-Up Tops Are Everywhere This Fall

Have you seen the laces? Not the girly, frilly, lingerie-style lace that's still the rage, but the laces? The stitched up slits and openings in chunky sweaters, jacket sleeves and of course plunging necklines? Laced up like a pair of Chuck Taylors, fall fashions are full of fun, function and criss-crossed pizazz.

In Victorian times, the only things proper ladies would lace up was... well, everything they wore! From their leather boots to their cinched-up corsets, laces were what held it all together.

Today, the 1970s inspired lace-up designs add edgy grommets and details to our favorite comfort clothes like oversized sweatshirts and sweaters, flowy blouses and even yoga pants. Oh the irony! If only our great-great grandmas could feel how comfy "tying one on" has become in 2017.

Doesn't Mel look cool in the laced-up trend? We've got these and more in the store now. See ya soon! -- Nancy

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