Velvet is Making a Sumptuous Splash This Fall

If wearing velvet gives you the luxury feels, you are not alone. And so, happily, it's back, and is not staying in its "dressed up" lane for 2017. What started last fall, when a few upscale jackets popped up in this luxurious fabric, has blossomed this season into a full-on velvet takeover! We're seeing printed velvet tunics with contrasting underlays, velvet-trimmed handbags, over-the-top embellished blazers and -- perhaps most fun -- velvet bomber jackets in muted hues to blend well with our many shades of denim.
In fact, as rich and luxurious as the fancy fabric itself, so are the colors we'll be seeing everywhere this fall and winter. Black is fine, but consider cobalt, blush, marigold, navy or plum for your 2017 velvet fix.
And don't be fooled. Today's velvet is not that stiff stuff from decades past. It's most often soft, crushed or textured with a bit of that heavenly ingredient -- stretch!! (Pause for a moment to praise the textile Goddesses who invented stretch fabrics.....Ommmmmm.... Thank you... Now back to our regularly scheduled blog...).
I of course have not mentioned the most fun and funky velvet incarnation of the year, but I'm getting there. SHOES! Yes, now your tootsies can get in on the soft, fuzzy fun of velvet in everything from tall boots to ballet flats to sneakers. So head to toe velvet, while not sartorially recommended, is in fact possible. But use restraint. There is such a thing as too much of a good velvet.
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