Vet-owned company honors heroes of our nation's past

So a T-shirt is a T-shirt, right? Not even close. Like it or not, they are the uniform of our nation. We wear them under things, over things and as the only things we long to put on. Good T-shirts make us feel comfortable. Great T-shirts express individuality, mood and even patriotism -- especially the new line of T’s at Nick + Crew known as The Underground Movement.

The Underground Movement (TUM) is a line of premium apparel inspired by past heroes and historical events – both well-known and forgotten – reminding us to be humble and inspiring us to fall back in love with America. (The designs are so cool, but the message hidden on the inside gives a quick history lesson and reason to be proud to wear them.)

TUM co-founder Jason R. Beardsley, a Green Beret and Special Operations Forces veteran, brings a passion for American exceptionalism – honoring those men, women, and events that shaped our nation into the land of liberty. Through a nod to our grand heroes who were sculpted by American values, TUM has created a brand that celebrates rugged individualism.

Jason, along with Special Operations Forces veteran and long-time friend, Gregory K. Miller, formed TUM in 2013 after more than 20 years of distinguished military service.  With the transition from “the most interesting job in the world” to entrepreneurship, Jason and Greg have combined their ability to enjoy life, sense of adventure, and creativity, with their expertise in planning and executing complex military missions, to build a company that embodies their passion for our great nation.

So ladies, check out a T-shirt that commemorates the Tuskegee Airmen, Samuel Morse, or your guy's own favorite moment in history.  (For those who aren't sure what Nick+Crew is, it's Eclection's new men's store adjacent to the main store.)


  Know Our Past; Defend Liberty!

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