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Personal Shopping

When you know you need something, but you are just not sure what …

When that big event is coming and your best dress has seen better days …

When you are in a hurry and need expert advice on how to dress to flatter your body …

… the ladies at Eclections are here to help. Let our Sales Associates, aka Personal Shoppers, help you find and refine your style in no time. Call or drop us a line to set up a time to meet with one of us to get started.  Feeling comfortable, stylish and confident is possible -- in the right clothes!

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Sales Associates’ Style Notes:

If you were to ask my mom, she would say that at two years old, I was already a Fashionista. I would insist on wearing a dress complete with a matching hair bow and ruffled socks. My personal style is still feminine and classic, but I love to add trendy flares. I have been fortunate enough to be able to follow my passion into the world of fashion.  So as Eclections' original Fashionista, I am here to assist with all of your fashion needs.  Whether you need a special outfit for a job interview or date night, or are just looking for a wardrobe refresh, I can help.   --- Nicole



Fashion is a fun way for people to express themselves. You can change your fashion with the seasons, or simply with your mood.  My clothing style is comfy-casual, but I love to accessorize with special jewelry, shoes and handbags. At Eclections, I love to help people find the perfect gift for their friends and family – especially gifts with special meaning to their loved ones. -- Laura


I love fashion because it makes me feel good, and hopefully look good!  I like to seek out the latest trends in clothing and accessorize with jewelry and shoes. If I had to describe my personal style, it would have to be classic, but with a little bit of edge. -- Debbie


Trends are a fun way to spice up a wardrobe. Knowing when to use just a touch of trend is the key to not looking like a “fashion victim,” however! My style is not something I have a term for but I strive for an updated and casually chic look. I like to help ladies like me find ways to be current without trying too hard, and to be appropriately dressed for all their occasions. -- Nancy


Your clothes are the first thing people notice when they approach you. That's why it's important to express yourself through fashion. I love casual, cute, comfy outfits. You'll see me wearing something layered often, that's why my favorite season to show off who I am is fall. Flannels, vests and ankle booties are items I love to stock up on! -- Sam


I fell in love with fashion when I was about 10 years old. I remember my mom dressing up to go out with my dad one night and she walked out with tall red “gogo” boots on with a mini skirt. I loved it! My fashion style has always been about comfort. I love jeans and pairing them with boots, sweaters and jackets. And I love accessories! -- Pam


I have learned so much about fashion and how to dress for your body type in these past 5 years at Eclections. I’ve also learned that fashion trends always come back around and become new again! I love my job because I get to help you feel good about what you are wearing. I am always honest and treat my customers like I would treat a friend. I love putting together everyday outfits but helping with special occasions like Date Night or a wedding outfit is my favorite. I want to make you feel amazing in what you are wearing so you can enjoy those special moments. – Shelby


I think fashion is fun, and that is why I love it. I really like a little bit of every style – from vintage to bohemian to classic – so I guess you could say my style is Eclectic! I would love to help you find clothes and accessories that will express your personal style and make you feel at your best! – Jeni  


For me, fashion has always been less about the trends and more about wearing things that make me feel happy and confident. I love the classic looks and think that looking good is one piece of feeling good about myself! Every woman is unique and helping you find those items that make you feel special is why I love working at Eclections! Putting the right clothes and accessories together for each customer is truly satisfying for me. – Julie T.


My style is classic and tailored and you will most often find me wearing black or denim. I’m interested in the latest trends, but unless they fit my style, I don’t tend to follow. I love jewelry and have enough Mariana and Erimish to match every outfit I might put together. My specialty at Eclections is helping you find the clothing that best flatters your body shape – “smoke and mirrors” is my favorite styling technique.  – Julie E. 

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