York Compass Rose Whiskey Square Decanter

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York Compass Rose© Whiskey Square Decanter 32oz | Rolf Glass

Rolf Glass has partnered once again with Colonial Williamsburg to bring you York Compass Rose©. Delicately diamond wheel cut and then sand etched, this collection employs a rare dual process approach to engraving that makes it a uniquely Rolf Glass product.

A compass rose is a navigational marker traditionally used on maps to indicate direction. The device appears on Captain John Smith’s Map of Virginia, based on his explorations of the new colony from 1606 to 1608, and published in London in 1612. Smith’s depiction of the Native American settlements in the New World is considered one of the most important maps ever produced. A 1624 edition is a jewel among collections of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and serves as the inspiration for the York Compass Rose© collection.

• Hand Wash Recommended
• Decanter Imported from Poland
• Designed and Engraved in USA
• 32 oz
• H: 11”
• D: 3 3/4"

York Compass Rose Whiskey Square Decanter
York Compass Rose Whiskey Square Decanter